Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Most of the people living this side of the Northscreen Barrier will have been awakened by the flash and thunderclap behind the horizon around 0320CET last night. The ones that slept through it all will find their feeds incessantly buzzing with the news that the LDN.SPHERE is no more. Where once the towers defiantly stretched towards the skies craters have taken root. As far as designated GovMen dare to reveal it's all to blame on an unidentified "alien race". The alien scouts reported to their generals (throughout the 1950s) that our roofs were filled with antennae, suitable for docking their Hubships. The fact that these 20th century antiques of commtech no longer are in use must have ticked-off the captains after the long spacejump. The destruction that ensued, cold-hearted decimation by the sound of the earth cracking in two, nothing more than the rumblings of petty revenge and disillusion. It sounds awfully far-fetched, but it's all the GovFeeds are willing to claim. Meanwhile LDN is beyond ruin. And I reluctantly await the unavoidable flood of images showing us the dead, the homeless, the scarred and wounded...

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