Monday, September 23, 2002

But Rosas must be heaven in wintertime, when the wind blows a feisty 90 km/h half of the time.
Barcelona looks like a bollocks all year round: they don't nail the doors and windows shut, it never really looks like a ghost town.

Been drinking and smoking last night.
Been hunting (again...)
Didn't get any...
Probably better that way.

If you can spare the time and/or the money, then get yourself a copy of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman: The Dreamhunters". Fiction doesn't get anymore graceful and humble.

By the way... if you CAN spare the time and the money do yourself a pleasure and go eat at "El Bulli". There is no way you'll ever regret it. At that price you'll never eat in a 3* restaurant again. And neither will you ever eat the same food.
As a matter of fact... eating in general will never be quite the same, but that's for me to tell you and for you to discover!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Rosas, Spain: it's hot, humid, boring and filled with god's worst creation yet: tourists (and yes, they are available in all sizes around here)

By the way, Barcelona is a filthy, noisy and dangerous place to be. Oh, and it's hot, humid and filled to the brim with tourists (including some exclusive models at that)

But I'll be back in Brussels soon, to prepare my odyssey to glorious Am*dam!!!

Sunday, September 08, 2002


There’s been little to say, ‘cos I haven’t been doing a lot lately. One could call it my chronically arousing of utter voidness. Some lazy moments when all it takes to feel oneself a better person is to lie down and refuse to be of any use whatsoever. You should try it. It takes a while of getting used to before you stop feeling bad about yourself. But don’t worry. That gnawing at your conscience isn’t you, it is society demanding you to be productive. But could someone tell me why?
So dive into your sheets, preferably without anyone else and with the remote in hand start swimming the wondrous world of television. Look, absorb, think and notice how even they are not really doing anything (except selling you the illusion that they are), then get over it and deny the world in your own nothing-for-nada moments.
After a while, people will not even notice you’re around anymore…
And wonder how everyone is making too much of a fuss out of just about anything. See the real perspectives of the world. Watch some news in the evening and complain about the wrongs that you’re finally starting to perceive. Sleep. Wake-up. Repeat.
You Will find that doing anything, like you’re used to is way more tiring than you ever thought it would be. Get out of the bed and start doing some really useful things. Ignore everyone’s bitching about you being a lazy sod, just enjoy his or her ignorance and soak in some really right righteousness.

PS!!! September 27 is my 23rd birthday… Be a pal and buy stuff off list of the things I need this year… Just mail to with "birthday present request" in the subject header and you can rest assured that you’re finally one step closer to being a better human being, and there’s way too few of those.