Thursday, October 03, 2002

Once upon a time, in the farthest reaches of a distant plane there wandered a man through a boiling desert of mud. If one were to see him and ask whence he had come, he might have replied that his land was shattered and broken into a thousand pieces. Pieces that, so is his quest, must all be rejoined would he ever desire to see his home again. And so he travels.
But none asked him and for not using his voice his tongue and throat had shrivelled to mere dry meat allowing him but to swallow the tender flesh he bit of the bones of the few creatures thriving within these parts. Filtering the dark and sandy mud pools has kept him afoot. And he remained forever searching for this man was a herder and the shards of his homelands his herd.
And as the desert stretched out for aeons, so did he slowly move on, ever leering over the sand.
This man has no name, for there is no one to call him. He has no will, for there is no thing to want. He is driven by desires spawned by faint memory. The images that haunt his eyes so bleak he can barely define the forms and colours and creatures that dance before his mind. He no longer knows man, no longer understands life, no longer perceives himself, for the water is no mirror and his eyes and appearance are tainted with the soil he walks on.
His knowledge long faded into oblivion by the endless sights of void and has made him quite mad and broken. Were he to meet another man, he would be tempted, deceived and murdered as a child, that knows not yet of the way of man. Were he to meet a woman he’d take is life by himself.

This man, my friends is you…
His lot is yours…
And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Unless, of course, you were to get yourself a copy of the new and improved MadMrMonkeyMagazine. If living at all, you know that you owe it to yourself to get one. Revolution has arisen. Mammals will prevail… Check for availability.
Everything has passed us by.
We live in the past.
Now Is History!!

Reading an unnecessary pseudo-scientific, but irresistibly good book (“Lipstick Traces”, by Greil Marcus), I felt compelled in trying to unveil my own revolutionary insight in the world and the way us humans live on it.
And I did…
Seeing that al we perceive of each other is dead, (the upper layer of our skins, the hairs on our bodies, the nails on our fingers, the jelly that covers our eyes) I was confronted with the inevitable conclusion that not only our presence is covered in death, but even the world we perceive is no longer living.
Remember how the Greeks said that one can never swim in the same river. The river is eternally alternating its state. Of course this applies to anything else but just the river. The bed you lay in, the streets you walk on, the car you drive, the elevator you make love in… All are different from one instant to another.
Enter the fact that our brain is a super-processor, a masterpiece of evolution, but a processing device none the less. This implies that every bit of information that enters is instantaneously calculated and interpreted. However fast this may go… it still takes its share of time. By the time you become aware of your where and when, that where and when has already fleeted into there and then.
So you see, there is no NOW. We are by fault of our construction unable to ever truly be there where we really are. By the time you know, the wind has blown it all to pieces. Think about it…
You might already be dead and not even know it yet.
We are victims of the fate we do not even know yet that we create. To speak of now is to live in the past. It is to act upon a world long since gone.
Our existence in the future, we are as yet unaware of, pre-ordains the past we live.
Don’t try to change the future, but BE THE FUTURE and deny yourself out of the now if you ever want to break out of the slavery to yourself.
Time is an option.
Place a movement.
Freedom is eternity. Overrated and unattainable.

Before the end of October the new issue of MMMMag will be out to break your neck.
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