Saturday, August 09, 2008

This morning I was silently awoken by a few members of the cult. They were about to engage in a small and lesser known ritual and thought its practice to be of interest to me. The ritual is all about caressing and self-restraint. Sadly not that visible in the picture are the small pins with which they carefully and tenderly scratch each other's skins. Tracing and carving without bleeding. Rarely did I witness such loving destruction. How far removed is this from a Frostygirl's indifferent frenzy or the Aquaposies' vain self-esteem. I can already sense the difficulties I'll have explaining it all once I get back home in the BXL.SPHERE. Whenever I do, it'll be too soon.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Time seems to fly by. I've been residing on the camping island for the last ten days. Weather control during the ritual mass has been fairly effective and only once did the rainclouds manage to get the upper hand. Resulting in a furious storm. Although frightening at first I must confess the lightning and thunder, the percussive sound of the rain on our tents did enchant me. I feel the architects of our urbanscapes painfully forgot to integrate the sensation into daily LifeProg. I'll need to annoy my local GovMan about the issue upon my return.